2017 FAVORITES: Body Care

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hello everyone! In the past weeks I've posted my 2017 favorites in the skin care and makeup category. Today, I'm back with my 2017 Favorites, body care edition. I may have mentioned several body and hair care products in the past but today is extra special because I'll be including all my favorites for 2017. Let's get started!


My hair isn't high maintenance which is why I can use any brand of shampoo in the market. Over the years, I've always used what's available at home but after trying Dove, it has since then been my go to shampoo. This is why I always wait for S&R's annual sale to buy them. I love how it instantly softens my hair and how it never irritated my scalp after daily use. This 1 liter bottle with pump lasts around 6 months but I always end up getting just one bottle and explore other brands when it runs out. I've always loved the classic Dove intensive repair shampoo but my favorite for 2017 is the Dove anti-friz oil therapy shampoo.


I wasn't into using conditioners before but after trying out Dove conditioners, I just continued using one. A liter of Dove conditioner lasts longer than the shampoo which is why it's okay for me to explore other shampoo brands since I still have Dove conditioner to use after. I love how light the conditioner makes my hair feel and a single pump is more than enough to cover my hair. Like the shampoo, the classic Dove intensive repair conditioner is my all-time favorite but for 2017 my favorite is the Dove anti-friz oil therapy conditioner.


I've always had a thing for whitening soap and over the years, I've used only one kind, the Kojic Acid Soap. When I got older, this soap has turned my skin dry and sometimes itchy. So I started using different brands of body wash for a time but not one of them really impressed me. Good thing we had a staycation in The Farm at San Benito's and after trying out their handmade soaps, especially The Farm handmade coconut oatmeal soap, I knew I found my favorite for 2017. I love how moisturizing the soap is despite being well saturated with oatmeal. I love how the bits of oatmeal act as a scrub so you can use it directly on your skin. You may click here to see my full review of the product.


I've always used roll-on deodorants because the aerosol type irritate my nasal passages and cause incessant coughing. After being recommended the VMV Hypoallergenics Essence skin-saving antiperspirant, I knew I found my holy grail deo. I like that it’s in liquid form and a couple of spritz is enough to keep your underarms dry all day. It does smell a bit like alcohol but it doesn’t irritate your skin. The atomizer might get stuck a few times but other than that, this is a really nice antiperspirant you can use everyday. It may be more expensive than your regular deodorant but a single bottle lasts for 6 months so you’re getting a lot from just a single bottle. 


I’m not into feminine wipes in the past but after trying out the pH Care feminine wipes (powder fresh), I coupdn’t stop but repurchase. I love having this around especially during that time of the month. It instantly refreshes and keeps you feeling clean after each use. I’ve tried the other varieties it comes with and powder fresh is my favorite for 2017.


Living in a humid country, I seldom use lotion but staying in the US for 3 months last year made me realize the importance of applying lotion everyday. My favorite for 2017 is the Aveeno Active Naturals skin relief 24hr moisturizing lotion. I love how light this lotion feels yet works overtime to keep your skin moisturized all day. I also love how the mild scent reminds me of oatmeal. This product spreads easily and instantly hydrates your skin. There are several other varieties of Aveeno lotion but this one in particular works best in cold weather. 


I cannot begin to tell you how obsessed I am over the VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70. It’s been my go to sunscreen for a long time now and nothing ever compares to it. I love how light the formula is compared to other sunscreens with high SPF. It doesn’t reek of the usual smell that sunscreens have. It applies easily and doesn’t leave a white cast on your skin which is why it’s also a great product to use on your face. This big tube may be a bit expensive but it’s definitely worth the splurge. 


Another awesome product I got from our staycation in The Farm at San Benito is their insect repellent spray. The Farm Essentials bug off spray comes in a small spray bottle and smells really good you’d mistake it for a cologne. A small bottle is nice to have around during any staycation and a few pumps is all you need to cover exposed areas of your body. For more details on this product please click here.


Nowadays, having a hand gel is an essential in your everyday bag. I remember purchasing nicely scented ones in the past but lately I’be been liking unscented ones like the VMV Hypoallergenics Essence antibacterial hand gel. I love that it comes in this small tube with a string that you can attach to your bag handle. I also like how it doesn’t make your hands feel sticky like other sanitzers tend to do. I just wish this tube is refillable since VMV doesn’t seem to have this in stock all the time. 


Of all the hand creams I’ve tried thus far, nothing impressed me more than my 2017 favorite, the Ahava deadsea water mineral hand cream. I love how this cream instantly moisturizes your hands but doesn’t feel at all greasy. It has a pleasant scent that doesn’t linger and a small dollop is enough for single use. I just wish I have this in travel size so I can bring it with me when I travel. 

That concludes my body and hair care favorites of 2017. Let me know if you have any questions on any of them and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Next post will be all about my 2017 tech favorites so please do check back in when you can. Remember to read my 2017 skincare and makeup favorites in the previous posts. Thank you for reaching this far and have a great weekend!

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