2017 Favorites: Makeup

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Can you believe it's 2018 already? My last post for 2017 featured all my favorite skincare products for that year so if you haven't, please do check it out by clicking this link. I also mentioned that this time I'll be including more categories for my 2017 favorites so now I'm back with this long list of products that made it to the makeup category. If you're into makeup or just about to plunge into the cosmetics world then you're in for a treat.

I have to warn you though that I'm a makeup enthusiast who's into simple everyday makeup and my favorites are based on products I've used so far. If I mention a favorite concealer, it may not be the best among all the ones available in the market. I'm simply featuring the stuff I love to use based on the products I've already tried which may be limited compared to those who live and breathe makeup. With that out of the way, let's continue shall we?


I wasn't into makeup primers before since I already love how my makeup looked without it. After attending several basic makeup workshops, I started incorporating one every chance I get. My 2017 favorite primer is the NYX Angel Veil skin perfecting primer.

It comes in this sleek squeezie tube with a pink cap. It's unscented and appears opaque white. The texture is quite interesting because it's more like a cream that gives a slight silicone feel. I love how it glides on smoothly yet doesn't feel greasy and looks matte on application. It doesn't seem to prolong the wearability of my foundation but it does a good job of blurring out the pores around my nose. This primer also improves the overall look of your makeup because of its brightening effect. I got this from ULTA for a really great deal and you can get one from NYX counters in selected SM stores as well.


Before I became a makeup junkie, I was already into BB Creams. Name any BB Cream from 2012 and there's a great chance I've used it. I eventually shifted interest and have been using foundation most of the time for almost three years already. But during my last trip visiting family and friends in the US, I was given a tube of the Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum BB+ Hydra and it has, since then, became a favorite. 

This BB Cream comes in a squeezie tube with a cap. It has a pleasant scent that goes off instantly after application. The texture is comparable to a runny cream, applies quite easily and blends really well with just a few strokes of your fingers. I love how it offers light to medium coverage with a nice dewy finish. Guerlain products are available in Rustan's but I'm not so sure if this one in particular is included.


Since the time I started using foundation I've only tried a few high end brands and several drugstore products. Whenever I need to use foundation, Laura Mercier Candleglow soft luminous foundation is my go to for 2017.

It comes in a chic glass bottle with pump dispenser. Notice the cracked bottle? I accidentally dropped this on the floor and thankfully it didn't shatter into pieces. This foundation is unscented and has the texture of a thick cream. It applies easily and blends really well on the skin. I like how it offers light to medium coverage and how it gives a soft luminous finish with a hint of glow. You can use it alone if you wish to achieve a dewy finish or topped with loose powder for a velvety matte look. Lasting power may not be its greatest trait but it still looks decent at the end of the day. You can get this from Laura Mercier counters in Rustan's.


I may not use concealer every single day but I always reach out for the L'oreal True Match super-blendable concealer during days when I feel like I need it.

This product comes in a transparent tube with applicator brush attached under its cap. It's unscented and resembles the texture of cream. I love how sleek it applies and blends with the help of any makeup sponge. This concealer never fails to lessen my dark under eyes and hide imperfections especially hyperpigemented areas on my forehead caused by melasma. It's also priced reasonably and one small tube lasts longer than it looks. You can get one from L'oreal counters nationwide.


In the past couple of years since I started using foundation more often, I've also been into using powder to finish the look and Laura Mercier loose setting powder (translucent) is my favorite for 2017.

This setting powder comes in a plastic container with a sifter. A gentle tap is all it takes to dispense just the right amount of powder. This finely milled powder feels really soft and applies smoothly on your skin. I love how this appears when used for setting your makeup because it beautifully enhances the look without altering the color or texture of your foundation. It may be a bit expensive for a finishing powder but this will last a long time. This is also available in Rustan's but if you visit any duty free shop abroad, you may get it for a slightly lower price.


I have to admit not using an eye shadow primer often, but the Milani eyeshadow primer is one that's worth your while. I've seen how others refer to this product as their holy grail and I totally agree!

This small tube might fool you into thinking that it wont last long but you'd be surprised how a grain like amount can stretch its use to several months. I love the pointed nozzle and squeezie tube that make dispensing a breeze. It's unscented, has a silky cream texture and applies effortlessly. I love how it enhances the color of any eyeshadow color and prolongs wear time. Sadly though, Milani cosmetics has yet to find its way in the Philippine market although some of their products are already available in online shops like Beauty MNL.


The year 2017 was jammed with events and a couple of international travels which is probably one of the reasons why my favorite eyeshadow is travel friendly. I am talking about none other than the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour.

I got these as a holiday collection set in four gorgeous shades. The sticks are retractable and the product can be directly applied to your eyelids without the help of any makeup tool. I love how it smoothly glides on your lids with impressive color payoff and how it can be blended easily with just a few strokes. I also like the set having two matte colors and two with shimmer allowing you to create several different looks. These caviar sticks last all day and don't crease at all. I got these from Rustan's as well for a discounted price during one of their makeup workshops.


My brows have always been uncooperative and stuborn but in 2017 I was introduced to a brow product that I can say is a game changer, for real! I am talking about the most coveted Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer.

This product consists of a retractable brow definer on one side and a spoolie on the opposite end. The brow definer is wedge shaped with the pointed tip intended for creating thin lines, the base for thicker lines and the widest side for broad strokes. I love how it glides smoothly when applied and how you get a lot of product on with just a few light strokes. The spoolie is not too bad either. I like the soft bristles and how it smudges the brow definer to perfection. Anastasia Beverly Hills is available in ULTA and Sephora but not yet listed in the Sephora Philippines website to this date.


I used to shy away from wearing blush because I tend to either downplay the look or overdo it hence ending up looking ridiculously flushed. In the last quarter of 2017, after finally trying out the Milani baked blush (luminoso), I finally gained the confidence to wear blush for everyday makeup.

It comes in a small compact with mirror and a separate compartment for the brush. The product itself is dome shaped and appears shimmery which, I have to admit, scared me a bit. I love how the blush doesn't seem to crumble when you swirl a brush over it. I actually use my Real Techniques contour brush because I love how it evenly picks up just the right amount of product and blend it beautifully on my cheeks. No wonder this blush gained so much praises from makeup junkies alike, it truly gives a lovely pop of color and radiance to your look.


I've tried tons of lip balms to date and it took me a while before finally zeroing in on just a single favorite for 2017. Worthy runners-up include VMV Hypoallergenics the big brave boo-boo balm and Caudalie lip conditioner. After careful considerations, I came up with Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream lip protectant stick (spf 15) as my 2017 favorite.

This lip protectant comes in a sleek tube which I initially mistook for a lipstick bullet. It has a pleasant scent and appears opaque beige. I love how it glides on smoothly and how it makes your lips feel instantly moisturized. You can wear this under any lip color without altering how the shade looks. What's even better is it also offers sun protection with its spf 15. I got this as a gift with purchase from a duty free shop in Incheon.


I have a love, hate relationship with liquid lipsticks but I do have nothing but love for the bareMinerals Pretty Amazing lip color (confidence).

This liquid lipstick comes in a tube with a dough foot applicator under the cap. To me, this lip product is unscented and appears cream based. I like how it applies seamlessly on your lips and how a single coat gives an opaque color right away. It has a bit of shine and appears to have a satin finish. Staying power may not be too impressive but it does stay on for a good 2 to 3 hours before you need a retouch. BareMinerals is available in ULTA and can

🏆 MLBB (My lips but better) LIPSTICK 🏆

I used to be skeptical about MLBBs until I got my hands on the Estee Lauder long lasting lipstick rouge (pinkberry creme). Remember that MLBBs are personal and mine may not work for everyone else. The key is to find the right shade and formula that can make your lips appear perfectly natural.

I've had this lipstick for quite a while but never thought of it as an MLBB until recently. This lipstick has a pleasant scent and appears mauve nude. It glides smoothly on the lips and gives a lovely cream sheen finish. Lasting power is average at around 3 hours after which you may need to reapply.


I never thought I'd be into makeup setting sprays because I used to find them unnecessary for a simple everyday look. My mind practically made a 360-degree turn after using the Milani Make It Last setting spray.

This setting spray comes in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I love how the atomizer works really great in creating a fine mist. This is a clear and uscented liquid that feels refreshing on the skin. More importantly, Milani transforms your makeup into a more refined finish. You may click here to see more about this product.

That was long! Thank you for making it this far and I do hope you find this post helpful. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll have them answered as soon as I can. Remember to check out my other 2017 Favorites skin care edition and a lot more in my future entries. Have a blast this 2018 and I'll see you next time. Bye!!!

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