2017 Favorites: Tech Accessories

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Can you believe January went by so fast? I was suppose to post my 2017 favorites on all categories under January but I didn't have enough time to get them done. Oh well, it's never too late to share with you my favorite tech accessories so here they are.

I've been wanting to have my own headphones for quite some time now but the price of those available in the market kept me away. Good thing I found the MINISO Bluetooth Headphones H007 before splurging on another brand. Although it appears like the standard headphones, I like that it's the slim type and goes a bit discreet when worn. I was drawn in by the feminine rose gold color and sleek combination of metal and soft leather-like finish.

Now let's go beyond the looks shall we? I like that it's a wireless bluetooth and charges quickly yet lasts for several hours of continuous listening. I've used it for 3 consecutive movies lasting nearly 6 hours before it finally prompted me to charge. It features a simple control panel comprising of the power, play/pause and volume buttons conveniently placed on the right headphone. It comes with a charging cord which you can plug into a standard usb receiver.

The only thing this product needs to improve on is the audio quality when making calls but other than that, this Php 749 set of headphones rocks! I bought this using accumulated points of my SM Advantage Card. So if you still have unused SMAC points, better get to the nearest Miniso branch and turn them into stuff you can actually enjoy.

In my line of work and probably everybody else's, I can't fully function without my cellphone. This is why I never leave home without a power bank to keep my phone juiced up all day. I've used a couple of brands but nothing comes close to the Asus Rechargeable Power Bank 10050 mAh. I got this as an event favor and boy was I lucky! It's a handy tool which easily slips in any purse. It looks heavier than it seems, comes in blue color and has a matte, metallic texture.

It came with a short android compatible power cord so you still need a separate cable for your apple gadgets. I love how fast to get this power bank fully charged and how long it takes to drain. It's capable of charging my iPhone 6 Plus up to 4 times which is great!

Speaking of power cords, my favorite for 2017 is the Mumuso Retractable Charging Cable. It may be the cheapest among all my featured favorites but it's the one I use most often. I like that it's dual cord so I can use it to charge both android and apple gadgets separately. It easily rolls up into a disc and comes with a cap to cover the usb connectors when not in use. What I like most about this little wonder is it charges quickly and has saved me countless times when I needed to juice up my phone. What's even better is it only costs Php 149! Now, that's a great steal.

With the advent of photo and video features of smart phones today, we're now able to capture every special and even ordinary moments around us. This is where memory storage plays an important role because it allows us to keep every file securely saved. My favorite for 2017 is this 1 Terabyte Seagate Expansion Portable Drive given by my techy hubby, Sam.

The black geometric design looks really classic and gender-neutral. It's so handy and uber light hence convenient to bring with you anywhere. It comes with a standard connector which syncs to any usb enabled laptop or desktop computer. I love that it transfers documents and photos without the long wait. It may have more features than what I'm currently aware of, but I'm already good with the portability, speed of transfer and memory capacity it offers. You may get one locally from online shops or if you're after better warranty, Digital Walker is a good choice.

Last and certainly not the least is my ultimate favorite accessory for blogging, the Foldio 2 Foldable Studio. This really cool accessory has been my favorite since I got it in 2015. It's basically a light box that easily converts into a slim folder so you can carry it around with you. It sets up pretty nicely and includes all the the cool stuff you need for taking photos like led lights, background wall papers, power cords and interchanging power connectors for all types of socket outlets. I've used this almost every week for more than two years now and it's still in tiptop shape! What's cool is it's now available locally. You may click here to see a detailed review I made a couple of years back.

There you go, this list is quite short which tells a lot about how I'm not so much into tech stuff. Despite that, I still felt the need to share them with you because you might find this post useful. Thank you for taking the time to read this entry and let me know if you have any questions about the list. Have a great day!

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