HELLO KITTY: Expert Complexion Sponge

Monday, March 5, 2018

Let's welcome this special month with all things cute because... why not? Kidding aside, I'm celebrating my birthday month and it's crazy how stuff I love from my childhood are still in the mainstream like Hello Kitty! Over the past years, we've seen so many Sanrio merchandise for all ages. Today, almost everywhere you look, you'll find beloved Sanrio characters on clothes, shoes, school supplies and even makeup! Like this Hello Kitty Expert Complexion Sponge I saw in Watsons.

I wasn't suppose to buy it but after seeing how affordable it is I just couldn't resist. The sponge is beautifully housed in a clear box which I think is pretty impressive considering the affordable price. 

The shape reminds me of a Sonia Kashuk blending sponge or a Beauty Blender inserted halfway through a tight ring. It's latex-free and made of hydrophilic polyurethane material. I love how it looks dense yet feels so soft and elastic even when dry. 

The sponge gets bigger when fully soaked while the shape remains intact with a distinct horizontal groove around it. The wide base can be used to apply and blend makeup on large areas like the forehead and cheeks. The pointed end can be used for hard to reach points like around the nose and eyelids. 

This sponge doesn't feel like a Php 209 tool at all! It soaks up water pretty quickly and works best when damp. I love how it effectively blends my makeup and concealer with just a few dabbing motion. It doesn't absorb much of your makeup and it's pretty impressive how easy it is to clean off residual color stain. If you're curious about the ring, apparently it hastens drying time and probably keeps the unique shape intact. I actually left it to dry without the ring and the groove got more shallow. 

Overall, this sponge applicator may not be a Beauty Blender but it still works splendidly. Although I'm already seeing minimal shallow tears after a week of daily use, this tool still functions perfectly. The ring might be a source of problem in the future since it can directly cause additional damage to the sponge especially when you try to put it on when drying. Good thing it's available in Watsons so you may want to check out a branch near you and try this affordable sponge for yourself. I'm sure you'll love it as well!

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