MAC: Lightful C Quick Finish Compact

Monday, March 12, 2018

Hey everyone! Last weekend I attended the Project Vanity 10th Year Anniversary celebration at the Shangri-la Plaza with good friend and fellow blogger Christine of allaboutbeauty101. The event, as expected, was a huge success! I was able to meet Ms. Liz Lanuzo, the rest of the PV team and several other fellow bloggers who graced the occasion.

Before heading home, Christine and I did what every makeup enthusiast does when in Rustan's, snoop around! After checking out several products we both love, we ended up visiting the MAC counter and boy was I elated to see my new found favorite, the MAC Lightful C Quick Finish Compact with SPF 50/PA++++, wait for it... on SALE.

I actually love the MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream I bought a couple of years ago so seeing this compact with a free refill at 20% off literally sent shivers down my spine! I didn't want to miss the opportunity because MAC almost always never go on sale, in the Philippines at least. So, I gave in painlessly and got a set. By the way, spoiler alert, I think the main reason why it's discounted is because MAC is launching the new Lightful C + Coral Grass very soon.  

The packaging pretty much looks like a standard cushion compact but you can definitely spot it by the holographic stripes on the cover. Inside is a good size mirror, applicator sponge and a sponge trey that doubles as the cushion cover. On lifting the cover you'll find the sealed cushion. 

The sponge doesn't have a pattern or design and looks very porous. It's also heavily soaked with product so you only need to press lightly on the sponge applicator to get a decent amount.

Above are photos of both the Lightful C Tinted Cream (L) and Quick Finish Compact (R). The quick finish compact is virtually unscented and has the consistency of a liquid foundation. It applies beautifully on the skin and blends with minimal effort. I chose medium which is the same shade as my MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream. Notice how identical both of them are when swatched? 

I love how it feels very light on the skin and not at all sticky when touched. I notice how it instantly brightens my face without looking greasy. Wearing it alone gives my skin that fresh glow but I prefer topping it with loose powder finished with a moisturizing makeup setting spray. It offers light to medium coverage so you may still need to use concealer to mask off darker blemishes. It doesn't last the entire day but it fades beautifully after a few hours hence looking more natural. 

Overall, I love this product to bits! It's by far the best cushion compact I've tried to date and I do recommend it to those of you who want to achieve a natural looking glow. Here comes the best part, MAC is currently selling the Lightful C Quick Finish Compact together with a refill at 20% off. The latter is tightly sealed and can be stored until your compact is due for replacement. Take advantage of this promo and head on to your nearest MAC counter the soonest you can. 

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