Friday, March 2, 2018

Hey everyone! I didn't want to mention not having any blog posts for weeks but it seems the best way to start this entry. I've been trying to upload blog photos directly from Macbook and the process is slowing me down a bit hence the lack of blog entries. Being a Microsoft user my entire life, I still have a lot to learn about Apple so please bear with me.

For this entry, I am reviewing my very first Urban Decay product ever, drum roll please... The NAKED 3 palette! I've been wanting to get my hands on any of the Naked palettes for years now but being a newbie in makeup made me wonder if it's really practical to get all three. After carefully considering the price, wearability of shades and the looks I'm able to pull off, I finally zeroed in on this palette with rosy-hued neutrals.

The first time I held this palette, I was instantly impressed with the packaging. The material is comparable to a sturdy tin which gives it a bit of weight. It's designed to look dented on the cover hence the classy vintage feel. 

This palette is quite difficult to open since both front corners snap on tightly when closed. Don't get me wrong, I actually love the idea of not having to worry about makeup spilling all over my bag when I travel. Underneath the top cover is a big mirror which I think I'll get good use of. On the pan you will see 12 different shades of eyeshadow including mattes, pearlized and shimmery.

This palette comes with a double-ended shadow and blending brush. I hear others not liking it and would rather use a different set of brushes but I actually love it. In reality, despite having tons of eye makeup brushes in my stash, I only use a flat brush for eye shadow application and a fluffy one for blending so this free brush is definitely a great inclusion.

The three matte colors are strange, limit and nooner. The shade (#1) strange appears off-white with a subtle wash of nude pink, (#4) limit is more like toasted pink while (#7) nooner gave me the impression of being grey on the pan but it beautifully transforms to a deep mauve when swatched. 

Moving on to those with shimmer, (#2) dust lives by its name because it's chalky and doesn't give much color at all except for scattered glitter. Next is (#3) burnout which gives a satin champagne color that doesn't scream for attention. My favorite out of all the 12 shades is definitely (#5) buzz because of its metallic pink color with the perfect balance of microglitters. Another shimmery shade is (#6) trick which appears as glittery on the pan as (#2) dust but I actually like it better because you get more of the golden color than just chunks of glitter. 

Moving ahead with the sparkly shades, (#8) liar is a rosy taupe and has the least amount of glitters among all the shimmery ones. Then there's (#9) factory which has a warm brown shade, (#10) mugshot which is a rich taupe and a unique charcoal shade called (#11) darkside. Lastly we have (#12) darkheart which gives a deep chocolate shade with specks of coppery, purplish sparkles.

Overall, this palette is a winner! All shades (except for dust) swatch beautifully, feels like butter when applied and blends like a dream. The price might be too steep when bought here in Manila and can reach as high as Php 3,000. If possible, you may get it from Duty Free (for like $50) when you travel or have friends and family abroad buy it for you during sale season. Fortunately for me, it was given as a Christmas gift by my thoughtful other half. 

That's a wrap! Thank you for reaching this far with me and I hope to hear from you in any way possible. If you have questions or clarifications about the Urban Decay Naked 3, you may leave them on the comments section below. Have a great weekend!

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