Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hey everyone! I'm back with another review on a brand that's proudly Philippine made, Messy Bessy. I first got to try their hand sanitizer a couple of years ago after seeing it on display at Cupcakes by Sonja. I remember it was red velvet scented and came in an adorable spray bottle. Back then, seeing the logo reminded me so much of the international brand, The Balm Cosmetics. I later found out that Messy Bessy is home grown and has been in the industry for a decade now. 

Over the past years, Messy Bessy has developed new product lines including Messy Man for the gents and Messy Baby for the little ones. Among the Messy Baby products, there are two that I really like, the Bug Repellent Cologne and Pocket Sanitizer.

Messy Bessy Bug Repellent Cologne
Php 220 / 200 ml bottle

 Can we take a moment of silence and admire the packaging? I have to admit part of me wanted to get this because of the pretty bottle. Anyway, I got the lemon eucalyptus scent which to me actually smells more powdery with a hint of citrus. I guess there are no other scents available since the website doesn't say so either.

I love that it's an insect repellent and cologne in one. I also like that the scent lasts approximately 4 to 6 hours which is reasonably long for a cologne. It's made of natural ingredients like purified water, sugarcane alcohol, eucalyptus citriodora and essential oils. This product is deet-free making it less irritant to the skin and safe to use even for babies. 

Messy Bessy Pocket Sanitizer
Php 100 / 100 ml bottle

This next product is actually my top favorite among all Messy Bessy items. The Messy Baby Pocket Sanitizer also comes in this lovely bottle housing 100 ml of product. I like its mild pleasant scent as well as the non-sticky formula. I love how it fees like ordinary water when sprayed on your palms and how it effectively cleans without drying your skin.

Like all Messy Bessy products, this pocket sanitizer is made of worry-free ingredients such as purified water, lactic acid, vegetable glycerin and essential oils. It's food safe and can be used in sanitizing your baby's hands and surroundings. 

Overall, Messy Bessy products are indeed great to have in your stash. They also have an array of cleansing products you can use at home and pretty much everywhere else. Good thing they're locally available so you can replenish your stocks anytime. You may also shop for their products online by clicking this link

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