BEAUTY FORMULAS: Dry Shampoo in Fresh Fragrance

Saturday, June 23, 2018

I've always been curious if dry shampoo really works. Living in Manila where the weather is either hot or hotter, my scalp tends to get oily faster when unwashed. This is probably why there's a growing number of dry shampoo brands now available locally, one of which is from Beauty Formulas. I have to admit getting this brand in particular because it's the most affordable (Php 99) hence less disappointing if it doesn't work.  

The Beauty Formulas Dry Shampoo comes in an aerosol spray can which holds 150 ml of the product. The plastic cap snaps on firmly with ease and the spray nozzle works well when firmly pressed. Application is done by vigorously shaking the container before use and in between spraying. The can must be held 12 inches away from your hair then spray evenly. Leave it on for a short time and brush out. 


  • ButaneIsobutane, Propane - colorless gas used as aerosol propellant
  • Denatured Alcohol - clear liquid with bactericidal properties used as industrial solvent and preservative
  • Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate - modified food starch used in cosmetic formulations
  • Fragrance - unspecified scent
  • Distearyldimonium Chloride - ammonium salt used in manufacturing personal care products 
  • Water - used as solvent

This dry shampoo smells really good and gives an instant cooling effect. I love how it effectively refreshes my scalp and makes my hair feel lightweight. It doesn't alter the color of your hair and actually goes unnoticed once applied. The clean feeling lasts the entire day although I notice my hair getting a little oily around six hours after. This product didn't irritate my scalp or caused flaking. 

Overall, the Beauty Formulas Dry Shampoo in Fresh Fragrance is a nice product to have in your stash. I'm definitely repurchasing when it runs out. I also recommend it to those of you who have been curious how a dry shampoo works. 

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