EVER BILENA: Kris Life Kit

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hello guys! If you're a makeup enthusiast or social media frequenter you'd probably know by now that Kris Aquino is Ever Bilena's newest celebrity endorser. Early this year, Kris graced the counters of Ever Bilena pointing out her favorites and not long after, the Kris Life Kit was released.

The Kris Life Kit consists of the Brow Liner & Brow Mascara in the shades Beyond Brown and Happy Taupe along with the Matte Matic Lipstick in the shades Life and Love. Knowing how these can run out fast, I made sure to check every eb counter I could visit. Thankfully, all four products were still available in Watson's when I got there last week.

First of all, the packaging is pretty impressive and looks more high-end than its price. I ended up buying the shade beyond brown because the eb sales rep who assisted me said happy taupe is too light for my skin tone. I hesitated at first and asked if she has a tester for me to try, sadly they don't have any. Instead, she pulled out other brow pencils having the exact same shades as beyond brown and happy taupe just to show me the difference. 

Although I had doubts after seeing the swatches, I still followed the sales rep's advise and got the beyond brown shade. I like that this retractable brow pencil is teardrop-shaped having a pointed tip for drawing hair-like strokes and a blunt curved base for filling in bald areas on your brows.

On the opposite side of this pencil is the brow mascara. I like that it comes with a small applicator for more precise strokes. You may want to scrape off excess product from the spoolie before use because it tends to get really soaked. 

The brow liner (top and middle swatches) applies smoothly without tugging and light strokes are enough to fill in my brows. The brow mascara (bottom swatch) likewise coats my brow strands effectively and keeps them in place without feeling stiff. I like that my brows are still looking good at the end of the day. My only problem is the color looks too brown on me, almost reddish. Take note that the brow mascara intensifies the color a bit.

The Matte Matic Lipstick is the chubby pencil type. The packaging as well as the amount of product is quite impressive for its very affordable price. This lipstick is virtually unscented but I'm getting a hint of fruity scent when I smell the stick directly. 

The color appears rosy on the swatches yet shows up nude pink when worn. Above swatch shows you that the color slightly intensifies when layered (bottom swatch) yet doesn't go far from how it looks like compared to a single swatch (top swatch). I love how it glides smoothly on the lips and that it doesn't take much layering to get a good color pay off. This matte lipstick doesn't dry your lips and actually appears creamy matte. Color transfer is minimal and staying power can go as long as 6 hours until you need a touch-up. 

Overall, I'm loving both products in the Kris Life Kit especially the Matte Matic Lipstick in life. It's the best local matte lipstick I've tried so far and probably the most flattering for all skin tones. The concept of a brow liner and brow mascara in one is absolutely clever and I do love it as well despite the shade mismatch. I highly recommend these products and I will be repurchasing both especially the brow liner & brow mascara in happy taupe to make sure I’m not missing out on a potential holy grail product just because I got the wrong shade. So stay tuned for an update really soon! 

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