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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Stress has a way of sneaking up on us causing unwanted sickness. To beat stress-related problems, maintaining a strong immune system is key and what better way to boost the immune system than vitamin supplementation. At this day and age despite having access to all supplements available in the market, most of us still tend to forget taking oral vitamins. Thank goodness for intravenous vitamin supplementation, busy bees like me can now opt for a good alternative.

Aesthetic Clinic Science Makati
G/F Jupiter Place Bldg., Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

Aesthetic Science Clinic Alabang
G/F Kennedy Center Bldg., Madrigal Business Park, Alabang Muntinlupa City  

One of the places where you can have vitamin infusion is Aesthetic Science Clinic. Established in 2005, this medical-based cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery center first opened its doors to clients in Alabang, Muntinlupa City and four years later a second branch was opened in Makati City.

Dr. Yanee Vasquez
Founder and Medical Director, Aesthetic Science Clinic

Dr. Jason Peñaranda
Medical Consultant, Aesthetic Science Clinic

I got a chance to meet the founder and Medical Director of Aesthetic Science, Dr. Yanee Vasquez and she was gracious enough to discuss the importance of practicing a healthy lifestyle as a preventive approach to unwanted health dilemmas. Together with Dr. Jason Peñaranda, medical consultant of Aesthetic Science, Dr. Yanee revealed how intravenous nutrition therapy can help bridge the gap between the body's inherent nutritional needs and availability of nutrients.

Aesthetic Science Intravenous Nutrition

Intravenous nutrition is a safe and convenient method of infusing essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream. This way, nutrients reach the cells more effectively without the delay that oral supplements undergo. Correcting nutrient deficiencies, relieving symptoms of various conditions and enhancing overall body performance are just some of the benefits achieved from Aesthetic Science Intravenous Nutrition.

Image courtesy of Aesthetic Science Clinic

Aesthetic Science Clinic offers different Nutritional Intravenous Cocktails suitable for your various needs. Above image shows the cost of each procedure

  • Glutathione IV infused with Vitamin C for smoother, brighter and healthier skin. 
  • Beauty Cocktail combines the effects of Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex and Alpha Lipoic Acid for added benefits of anti-aging and wellness. 
  • Youth Serum contains Glutathione, Vitamin C, Carnitine, Amino Acids and Magnesium for anti-aging and protection of vital organs like the liver. 
  • Myer's Cocktail can help supercharge your health with its combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium and other trace minerals. 
  • Energy Elixir combines Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Carnitine, Amino Acids and Magnesium for optimum physical and mental performance. 
  • Fat Burner contains Carnitine, Amino Acids, Glutathione and Vitamin C to facilitate a safe and sustainable weight loss. 
  • Multivitamin Infusion can help fight diseases with its mega dose of vitamins and antioxidants namely Glutathione, Vitamins A, C, E and B Complex. 
  • Custom IV gives a more targeted approach customized for your specific needs. 

To learn more about other services offered, you may go to Aesthetic Science Clinic's website or better yet, visit their clinics located in Alabang, Muntinlupa or Bel-Air Makati. Thank you again for reading this post and please subscribe if you haven't by clicking this link to get notified on future blog entries. Have a great week ahead!

💁 Photos courtesy of Aesthetic Science Clinic

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