Battle of the Balms

Friday, August 24, 2018

Hey everyone! I recently developed an unexpected affinity to massage balms. It all started a few weeks ago when a good friend recommended one for my headache. I admit being hesitant at first but after feeling the significant relief from a topical massage cream, I am now a certified fan. There are lots of brands out there and so far three of them are up my alley. Read on and see which one interests or suits you best. 

GIGA Massage Rub Cream ( Php 120 / 10 mL jar )

First massage balm I ever tried is the GIGA Massage Rub Cream. It's in a clear plastic pot housing 10 ml of the product. I like that it's mildly scented and goes off undetected so you can use it anywhere you go without smelling like a human mint candy. It looks a bit translucent in the container but instantly turns clear on the skin after application. The cooling sensation effectively brings prompt comfort and relaxation. This effect lasts for about 20 minutes before fading, after which you have to reapply as needed. 

Tiger Balm White Ointment ( Php 85 / 19 gm pot )

Next brand I got hold of is Tiger Balm White Ointment from Sample Room. It comes in a glass jar with tin cap containing 19 grams worth of product. The minty herbal scent is quite strong and can be sensed by other people nearby hence not advisable for use in public. This appears opaque in the jar but goes undetected once applied. The cooling feel and comfort it gives kicks in almost immediately and stays on for about an hour tops.

Messy Bessy The Little Doctor Balm ( Php 120 / 10 gm pot)

The most recent massage balm I acquired is from my favorite local brand Messy Bessy called The Little Doctor Balm. This reminds me so much of the GIGA Massage Rub Cream. I initially thought they were exactly the same, from packaging to the look of the actual balm. The similarity ends with the scent, this is less minty and more fragrant making it more suitable to use in public. 

The verdict? Tiger Balm White Ointment stands out when it comes to cost effectiveness. It boasts of 19 grams of product in the most appealing container yet is the most affordable. More importantly, it's an effective massage balm that gives the most long lasting relief. For travel or on the go setting, GIGA Massage Rub Cream is the best choice. It's a highly effective topical pain reliever that's a bit obvious when applied but doesn't smell repulsive. If you're particular with the scent, Messy Bessy's The Little Doctor Balm is for you. It's a milder form of pain reliever with the most pleasant scent but the fastest to fade. 

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