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Friday, August 17, 2018

Have you heard of Sample Room? If not then it's about time you do. It's our country's first and only sampling site where local residents can avail of a wide range of products related to beauty, health and lifestyle. I've been a loyal member from the day they started in 2012 and since then every sampling experience never failed to brighten my day. 

Last weekend, I saw an Instagram notification that Sample Room is featuring the Luxe Organix Bentonite Indian Healing Clay. I went over the site and saw that a full size tub in all its glory is being sampled out! I didn't waste time and grabbed one together with other available samples like Tiger Balm White Ointment and Cream Silk Damage Control Conditioner.

Tiger Balm White Ointment ( Php 85 / 19g jar )

I've known this ointment since childhood but never got to try it. Thanks to Sample Room, I got to snag one for free sans shipping. This product comes in a glass jar with tin cover housing 19 grams of white ointment. I like how the minty herbal scent can instantly soothe nasal passages. It appears opaque white on the bottle but turns clear when applied on the skin. I'm impressed how it gradually gives a cooling feel once applied hence providing effective relief of headache and muscle pain. 

Cream Silk Damage Control Conditioner

You may have noticed the lack of price on the subheading above, that's because this 40 mL tube is limited edition and I can't find the price anywhere. I think it's comparable to the 90 mL tube costing Php 56. Moving on, I'm loving the size because I can bring it during travel. This conditioner smells amazing, is silky white in color and has a smooth texture. I like how it helps make my hair strands feel soft and velvety. I'm also loving how my tresses are lightweight and more manageable after every use. 

Luxe Organix Bentonite Indian Healing Clay ( Php 379 / 450g tub )

I've seen this product in Watsons and good thing I hesitated getting one because a few weeks later Sample Room has it! It's a huge plastic tub containing a whopping 450 grams of product. It's in a finely milled powder form that you mix with water or apple cider vinegar to make a smooth paste. I'll be dedicating a more in depth review on this in a separate post so please watch out for it.

All three products I sampled for free and only paid Php 140 for shipping and handling fee. These products cost a little over Php 500 in total hence I saved about Php 380 just by being a Sample Room member. So if you haven't, go register now and start saving!

Being a Sample Room member for almost 6 years now, I have developed a clever approach on how to make my sampling experience worthwhile. So before I let you go, let me share a few of them to set you off to a good start. First of all, I use my points wisely on products I know I'll use like conditioner, soap, body wash and deodorant. I also submit product reviews on time hence gaining back points I could use on my next sampling. Most importantly, when in need of more points, I avail of their VIP membership. This way, I get to use 1,000 points for two months plus additional incentive points that don't expire for each approved review. 

That's a wrap! Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to engage you in other related posts. Please subscribe if you haven't and follow me on social media for updates by clicking the icons on the left upper corner of this page right up there 👆. Enjoy the weekend!

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