LIFE STRONG HAIRFIX: Keratin Straight Leave On Hair Spray

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hey everyone! Truth is I've always worn my hair long and straight since high school and I never had any problems taming them.  Fortunately, my hair is pretty much low maintenance and it never got in the way until now. I noticed having more short and thin strands of hair sticking out my scalp like Alfalfa of Little Rascals. Okay, that's obviously an exaggeration but you probably get what I mean.

I tried using my mom's hair setting spray but it made my hair strands look stiff and unnatural. So when I went to Watsons one day, I looked for a hair mist instead and found this amazing product called Life Strong Hairfix Keratin Straight leave on hair spray.

Judging by the look of the packaging, I'm so impressed that it's locally made! The transparent cap is tightly fit and doesn't easily come off. The atomizer also works perfectly giving off a fine mist with each press. I love how it's handy and can fit my vanity kit during travel.

Ingredients List:
Deionized water, polydimethylsiloxane, sodium dodecylbenzenesulphonate, glycerin, propylene glycol, isopropyl myristate, argan oil, keratin hydrolyzed, dexpanthenol, hydantoin, perfume.

This hair mist has a very appealing scent that stays on for hours! It instantly softens and relaxes every strand, taming even the short ones in place. I really like how it doesn't look wet or oily when sprayed on. However, you may still need to use a hair setting spray for stubborn strands but overall, this product works perfectly fine and priced reasonably at Php 69 per 50 ml bottle. This is available in Watsons and they do have a hair setting spray which I'm excited to try next.

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