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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Welcome back everyone! Today's blog post is definitely ground breaking because I'm featuring a product by a legendary makeup brand in collaboration with a phenomenal artist. I'm pertaining to none other than MAC Cosmetics' much awaited collaboration with the phenomenal celebrity Maine Mendoza. 

If you browse through Maine's Instagram account, you'd see her announcing the team-up around January of this year. There were no clues which particular shade she was creating for MAC until a couple of days ago when Maine hinted on releasing a universal nude shade with matte finish. I was honestly surprised but not at all disappointed of the color choice because she's known to wear bold shades of red like the MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo but hey, what's not to love about any MAC lip shade right?

I’m not a lipstick kind of girl and often prefer tinted lip balms for my daily look. I just can’t miss the chance of getting my hands on MAC’s first ever lipstick shade created by a Filipina influencer. So a few hours before pre-launch, I was already glued to my laptop waiting online for stocks to fill up at MAC's official store in Lazada Philippines. Two minutes before midnight after refreshing the page, "add to cart" showed up on the screen and the rest is history. After posting my triumph on social media, I returned to Lazada's site and was stunned to see that stocks ran out. Lazada announced later that they were sold in a span of 1 minute. MAC Maker Main Mendoza's lipsticks were literally gone in 60 seconds!

Since I booked for express delivery, I got my order in less than 24 hours! Kudos to Lazada for stepping up the game of local online shopping. Packaging was nicely done and my order came in a tiny MAC paper bag secured with bubble wrap. The box, as in the photos above, is uniquely designed with what appears to be Maine's name in her handwriting and a few lip smacks stamped all over which I assume are all hers. 

I love that this lipstick comes in MAC's prototype black bullet packaging with the brand's name engraved on the cap and shade name labelled on the bottom. Maine named her shade Mainedcm which is the handle she goes by her Instagram account. 

Mainedcm has that classic scent of a MAC lipstick, pleasant, not overpowering and doesn't linger. MAC describes the shade as muted peach beige, which is a combination of other popular nudes like Brave, Spirit and Velvet Teddy

On first swipe, the shade does look like a nude peach. However, layering another swatch on top intensified the shade into a faint brick. I love that it glides on smoothly and a single swipe is enough to see a pop of color. I also like that it's the kind of matte that doesn't dry your lips and feels light even when layered. To me, it appears more velvety without the gloss which is perfect for daily use. Staying power is pretty decent at 4 to 6 hours max with minimal transfer. 

Overall, MAC Mainedcm is a perfect addition to anyone's makeup arsenal. The peachy nude shade suits every skin tone on the planet and the formulation remarkably gives you a creamy matte finish ideal for daily use. Mostly pros and no cons for this lippie except for the unfortunate fact that it's limited edition and is literally sold out in Lazada and most MAC counters in the Philippines. 

VIDEO CREDITS: Photos from Mainedc & MAC Cosmetics Ph Instagram page / Video created using iMovie / Music by iTunes

If you do get the chance to visit your nearest MAC counter, get one not only to support a fellow Pinay but because it's a lipstick shade you will definitely love. Remember I'm not a lipstick person and it's only my 4th MAC lipstick ever but I'm euphoric to finally own a nude shade from this iconic brand, especially created by a kababayan, Maine Mendoza making the experience even more exceptional!

That's finally a wrap! Thank you for taking time to read my views on MAC Maker Maine Mendoza's Lipstick. If you do like this post let me know on the comments below and make sure to subscribe and get notified on future posts. Click "Follow me with Bloglovin" on the side bar to your right or tap the icons on the left upper corner of this page to see me on my social media accounts.

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