Monday, January 7, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog, today I'll be reviewing a set of beauty tools I've been curious to try since the day I saw them on You Tube. I am referring to none other than the Real Techniques' Prep + Prime Set. This collection truly intrigued me because it's probably the only set (I know) that's designed to apply skincare products. I've been looking for a set in the past months but to no avail, luckily I saw one in Target hence this review. 

Like all tools by Real Techniques, the Prep + Prime Set is neatly packed in a transparent box. Though it doesn't come with a folding stand like most of their makeup brushes, these are best placed in any container near your vanity area or better yet use the Real Techniques Pocket Organizer that sticks on any glossy surface like mirror, bathroom tiles or marble. 

Prep Brush

First tool on this set is the prep brush intended to apply moisturizer, serum, primer or mask. It has that classic Real Techniques look with the rubberized handle and long metal ferrule. The bristles are firm and densely packed with tapered edges. I love using this tool in applying my moisturizer because it easily distributes the product on my face and neck. Plus, I like how I can use it in scooping out my moisturizer from the jar in a more hygienic way. The only downside to using this for moisturizer application, or any skincare product for that matter, is you have to clean and dry it everyday.

Facial Cleansing Brush

Next is a facial cleansing brush which kind of confused me at first thinking it’s used with facial wash. I eventually realized that it’s used to gently exfoliate your skin by swirling the dry brush all over your face. The bristles are densely packed and designed to have a textured surface yet feel so soft on the skin. It might give you the impression that it’s not working at all but after a couple of uses you’ll notice a few traces of micro exfoliation on your face. 

Under Eye Reviver

My favorite tool in this set is the Under Eye Reviver, a stationary stainless steel ball that has a cooling effect when massaged on the skin. Real Techniques recommends to use this with your favorite eye cream. Somehow, the metal dome remains cold hence providing instant depuffing on your under eyes. Initially I hoped it came with a roller ball for ease of use but it works pretty great as is. What's good about the design though is you can easily wipe it clean every after use.

Lip Smoothing Brush

Smallest of the four tools, the lip smoothing brush is intended for use with lip balm or scrub as suggested by Real Techniques. This has short, stiff bristles that don't actually hurt your lips. Although I highly recommend applying lip balm prior to use of this brush instead of lip scrub since the bristles are enough to gently slough off dry skin.

Overall, the Real Techniques Prep + Prime Set is a welcome addition to my skincare regimen. It's a beauty set that's nice to have but definitely not something I can live without. One thing I surely love about owning it though is I always find myself looking forward to my night time skincare routine since I started using these tools. So if you want to amp up your skincare game especially if you don't mind cleaning brushes daily, then this set has your name written all over it.

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