TECH STUFF: Funtun MacBook Pro Case Cover

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hello guys! I'm back with another tech accessory review and this time I'm featuring what I believe is a must-have for those who bring their laptops to travel, a shockproof laptop case. Several weeks before leaving Manila, I knew I had to get one to protect my laptop while in transit abroad. Unfortunately, most of the laptop cases I saw didn't appeal to me because of the rugged looks and jaw-dropping price. Good thing I didn't settle for any of them because I finally got one I absolutely like.

After days of browsing the net, I narrowed down the choices to the Funut MacBook Pro case cover by YMIX via Amazon. First of all, I love this shade of rose but it does come in other colors like gray, khaki, light blue, purple and red. The top cover is made of a combination of hybrid hard polycarbonate shell and soft TPU on the edges. The armor shell is translucent making the apple logo visible especially when lit. The bumpers are made of heavy duty shock absorbing material that protects your laptop from every angle.

The bottom case is made of the same material as the cover and features precise cutouts allowing you full access to all ports. On the corners are protrusions that perfectly support the laptop's foot pads. Narrow openings near the edges maintain proper ventilation for your laptop. 

It also features a foldable stand that provides a more comfortable angle for typing and probably better  cooling effect. Although it claims to have a 30 kg bearing feature, I'm not so certain about its strength  because the stand looks a bit flimsy, in my opinion. I've tried using my laptop with the stand but I'm good without the added boost.

According to the manufacturer, the snap on design makes this laptop case easy to install and remove. Although I didn't have a hard time installing, it did take three tries before finally achieving the perfect fit. Removing them was a struggle but that doesn't matter until I decide to change cases in the future. 

I'm so in love with the final look especially how it perfectly hugs my laptop. YMIX really did a great job manufacturing cases that look and feel as if they're part of the laptop. More importantly this laptop case feels so sturdy that it can probably take minor falls. 

Overall I highly recommend getting this shockproof laptop case if you want added protection for your MacBook Pro. It comes in an array of colors to suit every style, has a great fit, is made of good quality materials and doesn't cost as much as the other brands out there. You can get this off Amazon but make sure to look for the brand Funut sold by YMIX since apparently there are several other sellers who have the exact same design but labelled differently.

This concludes my lengthy review on the Funut MacBook Pro shockproof laptop case by YMIX. Please like and share this post if you liked it. Comment down below if you have any questions and if you haven't, kindly subscribe to get notified on future posts by hitting the bloglovin' icon on the sidebar. You may also follow me on social media by clicking the icons on the left upper corner of this page. Thank you and I'll see you on my next post.

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