BEAUTéDERM: Travel Set

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hey everyone! I am back with another skincare review and this time I'm sharing with you my Beautéderm journey. About a couple of months ago I noticed how my friend's skin looked lighter and healthier than usual. She then told us how she's been consistently using a skincare set called Beautéderm. It took a while after I decided to dive in and got the travel set version from Lazada's 7th birthday sale. So if you're interested to know how Beautéderm worked for me then let's get started. 

The set comes in a clear plastic pouch and included a papaine whitening soap, day and night toner, 3 jars of night cream and a day cream. The set is expected to last a week and is regularly priced at Php 1,000 although I got mine for Php 900 during a promo sponsored by GCash. 

PAPAÍNE Whitening Soap (75 g)

This soap looks like any ordinary soap and gives a subtle scent that doesn't linger. I like how it easily lathers and feels smooth when massaged on the face and neck. It doesn't sting or irritate my skin even when used on active blemishes. I like how it tightens my skin each and every use without feeling dry.

Day & Night Toner (50 mL)

This toner comes in an opaque plastic container with screw-on cap. It's a clear toner with a pleasant scent that I actually like. It doesn't sting for the most part except for when my skin started peeling on day 2 and new skin resurfaced on my 2nd week of use. The discomfort was tolerable and only lasted for a few days.

Night Cream 1 (5 g)

Night cream 1 is intended for whitening the skin. It helps diminish dark spots like melasma and pimple marks. It's opaque yellow in color and is scent free. It has a really thick consistency which makes it hard to spread all over. I like how a small amount is enough to achieve desired effect and that it didn't sting even when applied on areas where I had micro peeling.

Night Cream 2 (5 g)

This product is more like a clear gel to me than a cream and is scent free as well. I like how it applies easily on the skin and gives a refreshing feel each time. According to Beautéderm it's a moisturizer that renews and repairs skin. I like the way this product instantly invigorates my skin and doesn't cause any irritation or adverse skin reactions.

Night Cream 3 (5 g)

The 3rd night cream is an anti-aging product that improves skin elasticity and helps reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It's unscented, opaque white in color and has a rich creamy consistency. I love how it applies smoothly and a small amount is enough to cover the entire face and neck.

Day Cream  (5 g)

Lastly, we have the day cream which you can mistake for the night cream 3 because of the opaque white color. It's a light cream that feels so smooth when applied and has SPF 60 hence protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun. I love that it doesn't feel greasy, in fact it gives your skin a matte finish. Despite the high SPF, this day cream doesn't give a white cast or reek of sunscreen smell.

According to the instruction sheet this set came with, the first step is to wash your face with the papain soap. Next is to apply a small amount of toner followed by the day cream in the morning or night creams 1, 2 and 3 before bedtime.

On day 2 of using the set, I had visible micro peeling around my lips and on my chin. It wasn't at all bothersome and came unnoticeable especially after applying the day cream. That night after using the papain soap, micro peeling was almost all over my face. There were also some areas that sting only when applied with toner. The pain wasn't awful and can be graded as 5/10 in intensity. Second week into it, my face appeared a bit darker with areas of redness. This time the sting was a bit more painful at 7/10 but still tolerable. On my third week, the micro peeling, redness and pain were all gone. I also started getting compliments on how my face looks brighter and pimple free.

A whole month has passed and overall I can say that the Beautéderm set brought noticeable improvements on my skin. My melasma lightened, I've had fewer pimple breakouts and my skin seems to emit a certain glow. By the way, the travel set lasted more than a week so I purchased the trial set at Php 2,500 in a Beautéderm stall in Pop Culture Trinoma. I decided to stick to this skincare for now and hopefully I won't have to switch for a long time.

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