STAYCATION: Ascott Makati

Friday, May 10, 2019

Hey guys! I was browsing through piles of pictures on my laptop and realized forgetting to do a staycation review on Ascott Makati Luxury Serviced Apartments. So if you're interested to know what this establishment has to offer then click the  [Read more>>]  tab below.

Ascott Makati is located in Ayala Triangle just beside Glorietta 4 Mall. They have an array of apartment types to choose from and I got to stay in the studio premier which according to their website is around 36 sqm/ 387 sqf.

Upon entering the room to your left is a decent sized shower room and toilet. I love that they offer L'occitane products giving guests the luxury to enjoy every bath. They have a huge well-lighted mirror which is great for doing skincare and makeup. I also like the round magnifying mirror attached to the wall, although it would've been more awesome if it was lighted on the edges.

Facing the bathroom entrance is this lovely closet housing all the standard hotel amenities like bathrobes, slippers, hair dryer, weighing scale, safe, umbrella, flat iron and even a hamper for your dirty clothes. 

What makes Ascott unique from the usual hotel rooms I've been in is the kitchen! They have a stove, microwave, a massive fridge, coffee maker, sink, cookware, dinnerware and utensils. 

Having a kitchen necessitates a dining space which Ascott does have. Since my room is meant for 2 people, the dining table was set for two and I love how they served complimentary dessert in the evening. 

Another great inclusion is the spacious living room. I love a good space for watching television or lounging around where you can entertain guests apart from your bedroom. Notice the statement couch on the far end of the room? I love how the design gives contrast to the neutral shades of grey and brown around it. 

The dining and living rooms are separated from the bedroom with fixed sidewalls and sliding doors. This partition makes it really easy to keep your privacy intact especially when you still need to snooze off in peace and out of sight. The quality of the mattress, comforter and pillows are over the top! The room also has a decent sized television, great for those who watch TV in bed.

On the far end side of the bedroom is a work station / entertainment section. It has a long table for the TV and DVD player, telephone, office supplies and lots of power outlets for your gadgets.

I didn't get to see all their other amenities like the gym, spa, play area and tennis court but I did have a great view of the pool from my window. Overall, I definitely enjoyed my short but sweet stay in Ascott Makati's studio premier room. The amenities as well as the service are at par with its claim of providing luxury serviced apartments in Manila. What's really surprising is how they came up with a modest price range that can suit your budget without sacrificing quality of service. 

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