HAPPY SKIN: Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Cleansing Device + FREE Facial Wash

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hello guys! I recently caught up with fellow blogger and good friend Christine of allaboutbeauty101 over late lunch. We haven't sat down and talked personally for so long that we just had to schedule an immediate get together even for just a few hours. As usual, we had a long conversation on life updates and all things beauty! She's always been the one giving me first dibs on what's new in makeup and skin care. Apparently, Happy Skin had an ongoing promo that day so we stopped by their Trinoma branch and did a little damage.

Not everything was on sale but what's good was the bundle promo of their cleansing device and facial wash. If bought separately these would have a total of Php 1,698 but after availing the promo we only paid for Php 1,299.

The Happy Skin Smoothening Gel Facial Wash comes in a tube with a snap on cover. Happy skin recommends its use for normal, oily and combination skin. This cleanser is paraben free and features the following ingredients as its active components:
  1. Centella asiatica extract - according to an article by Wieslawa Bylka et al., published in Advances in Dermatology and Allergology, it is a medicinal plant that promotes skin healing and texture by promoting fibroblast proliferation, increasing collagen production and preventing inflammatory phase of scars. 
  2. Salicylic acid - described in an article by Tasleem Arif published in the Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, salicylic acid is a superficial peeling agent widely used to treat acne, photodamage, freckles and melasma. 
  3. Vitamin C - in an article by Juliet Pullar et al., published in Nutrients, vitamin C improves collagen production, reduces signs of aging, greatly assists in wound healing and minimizes scar formation.

This facial wash is in clear gel form and smells really good. It doesn't sting my skin and feels so soft after working up a thin lather. I like how it makes my skin feel so clean without the dryness. A couple of pea size amount is all you need to cleanse your face and neck. 

I love beauty tools especially for cleansing because it's the most basic step in taking care of your skin.  I am obsessed with my Clarisonic but it's a bit expensive to maintain. This is why when we saw the Happy Skin Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device on promo, Christine and I didn't think twice and got ourselves this new toy. 

This cleansing device reminds me so much of the Foreo LUNA mini-2. It's made of silicone bristles that vibrates thus providing 2-in-1 deep clean and massage. According to Happy Skin, it creates 6,000 micro-vibrations per minute to effectively unclog pores and break up dirt, oil and makeup from the skin. It provides 15 levels of ultrasonic vibrations that can be adjusted by pressing the (+) or (-) button on the device. 

The device has 2 textured surfaces, on one side are the cleaning bristles that are the tiniest hence capable of deep cleansing, and the slightly larger precision bristles found on the upper tip of the device designed for use on the T-zone. The other side is the massage surface with medium bristles used to promote blood circulation as well as tightening and targeting oily skin.

You can charge the device by plugging it to any usb capable power supply. It's waterproof so you can use it safely in the shower, just make sure the power jack is tightly covered before use. I like how a single charge can make the device last a couple of weeks.

The base is wide enough to make the device stand firmly on a flat surface. However, I suggest you keep it in a clean container so it won't get easily contaminated when not in use. Overall, I think I found a cheaper and more sustainable skin cleansing aid in this local device. After using it regularly for almost a month, I can truthfully say that it's a good addition to your skincare routine. I love that it's from a local brand and that you can buy them online or in stores nationwide.

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