FAITH HOPE LOVE: Rose Quartz Anti-Aging Therapy Roller

Monday, July 22, 2019

Hey guys! Today I am so excited to share with you another amazing skincare tool that I’ve been obsessed with since day one, the Rose Quartz Anti-Aging Therapy Roller by Faith Hope Love. So if you’re interested to know how this small wonder won my heart at first roll then read on.

I’m more of a skincare enthusiast which is why I love trying out new ways to improve my skin. Over the years I've tried several skincare tools that I'm loving to this day but I'm still open to discover new ones. I've been seeing facial massage tools everywhere but what caught my attention was the jade roller. I was a bit curious but it really didn't appeal much to me until the rose quartz face roller came out. Then I saw a friend's instagram post about her rose quartz face roller and I finally caved in. 

The Faith Hope Love Anti-Aging Therapy Roller came in a sleek box with instructions on which areas to use on your face and neck. The product insert states the benefits of using the rose quartz anti-aging therapy roller as follows:
      • Firms and sculpts the skin
      • Induces blood circulation
      • Drains built-up fluids (bloatedness) and toxins towards the lymph (lymphatic drainage)
      • Effectively and instantly reduces puffiness
      • Brightens dark under-eye circles
      • Evens out skin tone
      • Tightens and reduces pore size 
      • Anti-aging, as it reduces inflammation and promotes skin cell renewal
      • When used for skin care products such as moisturizers, cream, serum, essences and the like, it helps the skin to absorb them better
I have to admit that part of the reason why this tool caught my attention was how pretty it looks! Another reason why I jumped on the bandwagon was the discounted price they offered. This originally retails for Php 1,300 but I got it for only Php 1,000 plus shipping.

The therapy roller is made of authentic rose quartz with rose gold metal attachments. The wide roller is intended for larger surface like the forehead, cheeks and neck while the narrow end is for hard to reach areas like the under eyes, crevices of the nose and above the upper lip. It's simple to use, just roll upward or sideways as shown on the illustration included in the box. I love how it instantly revives the skin and how it's easy to clean under running water or with wet wipes after every use. I'm not sure if it's just me but somehow I get a hint of rose scent each time I get it fresh from the container. 

I have yet to see the benefits this tool claims probably after a longer period of regular use. At the moment, I'm just enjoying how this therapy roller feels so refreshing on my face and neck. I prefer using it morning and night after washing my face but I haven't used it to apply skin care products. Not really a major setback but I used it once after applying my nighttime skin care routine and I didn't like when the rollers were smeared with cream. 

Overall, the Faith Hope Love Rose Quartz Anti-Aging Therapy Roller is a good addition to your skincare arsenal. Immediate benefits include refreshes the skin and promotes blood circulation. Other benefits may take time to set in and vary depending on your skincare routine. Price point is a little below midrange but not bad for something so pretty and functional at the same time. You may get yours now from Faith Hope Love via their Instagram or official website.

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