MORPHE: Rosé 7-Piece Brush Set

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Hey guys! I recently posted a midyear beauty haul and most of you asked if the Morphe brushes were any good. A friend also asked me if I recommend it and I thought of sharing my thoughts on it here in the blog. I got this Morphe Rosé 7-Piece Brush Set (via my ever supportive hubby) directly from their US website for $25 with free shipping, to Illinois at least.

I've been wanting to try any brush collection from Morphe but I still have a bunch of unused makeup brushes in my stash. Since I don't have a travel makeup brush set yet, I figured I should get one that's easy to pack and sturdy enough to withstand being thrown around inside the luggage. Good thing this set comes with a hard faux leather case that you can also use as brush holder during travel. Just prop it open on the table, bathroom sink or wherever you prefer doing makeup when traveling. 

The set includes 7 makeup brushes hand-picked by Morphe as essential makeup tools so it's really great for traveling. Every piece has a beautiful rose gold ferrule and black wooden handle stamped with the brand's name. The overall size in terms of length of each brush makes it travel friendly, although the bristles are generously designed to pass as full-sized brush. 

Tapered Powder Brush

The fluffiest brush in this set is the powder brush which is made of synthetic bristles. I love how dense and soft the bristles feel on the skin. It packs a lot of product in one dab and effortlessly distributes the powder without scratching your face. I love that it's a small brush yet features the density of a full powder brush. 

Flat Foundation Brush 

I usually prefer a makeup sponge when applying foundation or tinted moisturizer but I'd rather use what's in the set when I travel. This flat foundation brush is made of natural hair that feels so soft on the skin. I like how the bristles are moderately dense and aren't stiff like most flat foundation brushes I own. 

Angled Blush Brush

This blush brush is made of natural hair and feels really soft. I like how the bristles are moderately dense and can pick up a good amount of blush. Of all the brushes in the set, this has the most fallout when I washed it initially prior to use. 

Chisel Angle Brush

I honestly didn’t think I’ll be using this brush for applying eyeshadow. I'm surprised how soft this brush is. I love how it glides on smoothly and snuggly fits in the crook of my upper eyelid making it easier to blend and soften the rough edges of my eyeshadow makeup. 

Oval Fluff Brush

This fluff brush is made of natural hair which is probably why it had a bit of fallout when I cleaned it. It does feel soft when used to blend eyeshadow and is easily cleaned despite the white colored bristles. 

Small Shadow Brush

Don't be fooled by this petite tool, despite the small size it can pick up a lot of product and applies the color precisely where you want it. It's made of natural hair and I like how it can effortlessly pack your eyeshadow before blending. 

Pointed Crease Brush

This crease brush is best for when you want to add a pop of color on the inner corners of your eye. I like how it's tapered so you can really get into small corners and nooks of your eyelids. 

I like how compact it is making it great for traveling. The quality isn't as impressive as I expected, the handles seem hollow making the brushes lightweight. The bristles of 3 out of 7 brushes had noticeable fallouts during regular use and cleaning. The cylinder casing is quite okay with some minor flaws like visible excess glue on the edges. Overall, this Morphe brush set is not life changing but still a nice addition to anyone's beauty stash. It's good for travel and is more ideal as a starter brush set for newbies to makeup. 

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