V&M NATURALS: Pearl Luminescence

Friday, October 4, 2019

Hello everyone! I am back with a first impressions review on another skin care product that's proudly Pinoy made, the V&M Naturals Pearl Luminescence Pore Refining Face Polish. In case you're not aware, V&M Naturals has been in the skin care business since 2008. They started off with an online platform called Multiply and eleven years later V&M Naturals now owns five physical stores and is still expanding.

The product came in a white box and is sealed with its front label. I bought mine from Beauty MNL during a promo so I got two for the price of one (Php 880)! Excellent deal right? 

This face polish comes in a glass jar with screw on cap that houses 50 grams worth of product. It also includes a plastic seal to keep the contents from leaking. I like how they're saving on plastic and made use of glass jar as container but the downside is it may not be as convenient during travel. 

This product smells really good you'd want to bathe in it. It has a sweet and citrusy scent that doesn't linger. It's beige in color and has a creamy texture. I like how the product is lightly saturated with tiny  beads that adorably look like minute pearls. Well actually, this face polish does have powdered pearl as one of the main ingredients. 

V&M says you can use it as face polish or face mask and I've tried both. The only difference is the amount of time you leave the product on your face before rinsing it off. I like how it doesn't feel rough when applied on the skin even after leaving it on for 5 or 10 minutes. It didn't cause any irritation, redness or breakouts. After a couple of weeks using this as face polish and mask alternately, I notice my pores are cleaner and my melasma somehow got a bit lighter. 

Overall, the V&M Naturals Pearl Luminescence Pore Refining Face Polish is a good product to try especially if you want cleaner pores and more even skin tone. Although it does cost more than I would pay for a face polish or mask, it's still a product worth checking out. Who knows, this face polish might be your next holy grail. 

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